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Sissi Edler
ViewSegnirossiNardoArchiFerriLavenderLittle bridgeMarkmakingPasseggiataPosterpieceRed patternTempestosoTracesWhiteandturquoiseLeccese
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"The view over an authentic artist´s shoulder – honest art!" (R. Braxmaier)
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Gerlinde Kosina
SeerosenTraumtänzerLoslassenFlowers in my mindFata-morganaSpiegelbildHappyLippglossIloveitBon voyageflyBlätterbuchChiantiValdorciaQI
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"Art washes the everyday dust from your soul" (Pablo Picasso)
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Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Irinaland over the Balkans HWG50Sunset HWG22Spiralsun and moonhouse - The neighbours HWG32Spectacles in the small face HWG33A rainy day with Walter Kampmann HWG36Waiting houses HWG37Little palace of illness HWG38Sad not so sad is rainshine from Rainday on a rainy day HWG 39Good Morning City HWG41Good Morning City - Bleeding Town HWG42Eyebalance number five HWG44Street for survivors HWG45It hurts to wait with love if love is somewhere else HWG46Exodus into space HWG47A rainy day on the Regentag HWG48
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Friedensreich has gained world-wide reputation as artist through his unique works of art.
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Klaus Brandner
VenusMiteinanderTake a walk on the wildsideHappy HourFriends foreverDie allerlängste Brücke der WeltWoman powerLazy sundayBest friendsJenseits der SchwerkraftDer MärchenerzählerTotal verliebtI love my gardenFrisch verliebtFlying High
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"The spectator's emotion when envisioning pictures is my understanding on the art of painting" (Klaus Brandner)
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James Rizzi
The past is history, tomorrow is a mistery, today is a giftYou take the high road and I'll take the low roadEating out with friendsThe best peace of my heartN.Y.C. sings and swingsSoho swingNothing is as pretty as a Rizzi CityRoad trip and cruise shipHeart Times in the CityBeen there, done that, now I need to go homeHello yellow ride back homeA mellow yellow taxi cabA night in the oceanA peace of our loveBirds in the sky
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Karine Dez
Weiße LandschaftWeißLandschaftBlumentopf schwarzBlumentopf weinrotBlumentopf rotBlumentopf goldBlumentopf mit StreifenBlumentopf hellblauFreiBlumentöpfeHagebutte 1Hagebutte 2Rapsfelder IRapsfelder II
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"The simplified two-dimensional demonstration of still life and landscape is the core of my work" (Karine Dez)
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