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Gerlinde Kosina

Gerlinde Kosina

Gerlinde Kosina´s oil paintings, demonstrating harmonious color transitions, to some extent awake associations to watercolor paintings, as a principle of her art. Her pictures give a lasting impression, blurred and nebulous colors are styled in a unique way, technically perfect. These silhouetted color shadings allow immersion into both a real and an invisible world.

© Photo Künstlerin: Gerline Kosina


  • born 1944 in Bergwerk/Burgenland/Austria
  • "Painting is dreaming in silent loneliness together with a secret alter ego ..."
  • lecturer at the acadamy of Geras
  • director of numerous painting workshops in Austria and abroad
  • 1994 Sappi-Europe bronze medal
  • 2001 awardee Biennale Florenz - lorenzo il magnifico medal


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