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Poem and text painting of Gerlinde Kosina

I have no clock and I have no time ...
The time is surrounding me and the clock is inside me ...

"time is something you can’t keep - it can’t last - no clock would be of any help - that's why I don’t have one - time and space vanish when I paint – that’s what I'm trying to pass on with my paintings - they reflect impressions – my paintings are reflecting impressions - seen things, stored in my head like a photography, I then try to implement into my paintings - a continuous motion expanding outside the images - as it were without an end … everything is endless - I let the colour trickle - we trickle - nobody knows where to ..." (gerlinde kosina)














Numerous works of the artist can be found in our artists archives "artists" at Gerlinde Kosina.


Sculptures of Klaus Brandner

Not only is Klaus Brandner famous for his beautiful and interesting oils and original-silkscreens; he also creates different kinds of sculputures – small and big – made from metal, stone, wood and ceramic; sculptures which seem to “jump” out of his paintings:

Numerous works of the artist can be found in our artists archives "artists" at Klaus Brandner.


Catalogue Raisonné von Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The complete life’s work in a limited edition of 10.000.

Cataloque Raisonné von Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser 1928 - 2000 Cataloque Raisonné

2 volumes in a barn, 1.792 pages, more than 2.000 depictions.

Numerous works of the artist can be found in our artists archives "artists" at HUNDERTWASSER.

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