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Philipp Marenzi

Philipp Marenzi

"Motives must not be hunted down, they appear of their own accord. Yet it is of great importance that we capture them." (Philipp Marenzi)

© Photo Artist: Philipp Marenzi


Philipp Marenzi – „keep your eyes open, the subject is around"

  • Born in Vienna 1967, Philipp Marenzi´s fascination with photography stems from his childhood days. Children´s books were left untouched, as Philipp preferred thumbing through the black and white pictures of his grandparent´s photo album. Having invested his first savings in photography equipment, Philipp´s passion soon became the enlarging of black and white prints in his own provisional darkroom.
  • Parallel to photography, Philipp graduated from law school and pursued a successful career in real estate. It was during his sabbatical in New York around the millennium that Philipp recollects something to have finally "clicked". Equipped with the Leica M6 of a dear friend he started to capture the magnificent motives of the city that inspired him. This experience has been preserved and incorporated into Philipp´s present day work: His first Leica M6, a wedding present of his beloved wife, still accompanies his photo tours and he annually returns to New York with said Leica, always in search of the next motive.
  • Striving to capture fleeting moments of intimacy and human experience, Marenzi´s work exhibits fascinating and expressive shots. The artist has an excellent eye for special moments within everyday life, a talent which crystallizes in the spontaneity and energy of his photographs.
  • Having previously sold his artwork solely by word-of-mouth recommendation, a growing interest in his work in the USA inspired the artist to share his passion with a more extensive crowd in our gallery.
  • Philipp Marenzi mainly uses analog cameras; His artworks are produced as limited editions of 50 each, independent of size and reproduction technology.

„Keep your eyes open, the subject is around" (Philipp Marenzi)


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