ArtistKlaus Brandner
Title: Mitten im Traum
Technique: Öl auf Leinwand
Size (cm): 50 x 55
Price in EUR (VAT incl.): 1.600,-

Art Special

Positive messages in color

Klaus Brandner is not a typical representative of fantastic paining, but he proofs with each created piece of art that he admires the peculiar creature "fantasy".

His pictures form adequate associations to all kinds of metaphors, where the artist perfectly knows how to interpret certain human messages. This searching and finding of positive messages is his main goal. All pictures show a calm and positive attitude how to manage and enjoy life.
Brandnder’s metaphorical language has no beginning, no end, it is a visual adventure, which – when entered – again and again asks someone riddles, which are not easy to solve and which therefore always keep fascinating.

Josef K. Uhl
Author and publisher of the cultural journal “DIE UNKE”


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